Grinding Wheels

How do you grind? Do you need a general purpose bench & pedestal grinding wheel? Or a precision surface grinding wheel? Or cup wheels for the tool-room? What about those internal applications? You’re in luck, GRIER has solutions for your grinding needs.

All GRIER wheels are available in standard grains, grits, bonds and structures. Each application is reviewed thoroughly to ensure the proper grinding wheel is selected for YOU. GRIER has many standard parts, so ask for help choosing the right wheel for your application. GRIER also designs and supplies custom formulas and shapes, so contact us to solve those unique applications.

Bench & Surface Wheels

  • Diameter up to 12”
  • Thickness up to 2”
  • All standard hole sizes
  • Types 1,5,6,7,11 & 12 are typical

Internal Wheels

  • Diameter up to 4”
  • Thickness up to 4”
  • Types 1, 5 & 6 are typical