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Edge Master

The EDGE-MASTER is a unique solution for fine finishing of various edges. Initially developed for aerospace leading and trailing edges, the EDGE-MASTER has found many finishing applications outside aerospace, such as recreational, medical, automotive, tool rooms, etc. The base material is GRIER-TEX: a non-woven cotton fiber abrasive available in different grains, grits, hardnesses and bonds. Once the GRIER-TEX is mounted onto a mandrel, a variety of radii can be cut into the abrasive to match a specific contour of your work-piece.


Edge MasterTalk to your sales representative for more details. The EDGE-MASTER is available on either 1/4” or 1/8” mandrels and the head size varies depending on the size of the radius cut and the specific application. Follow all ANSI grinding guidelines for Maximum RPM Ratings when using this or any grinding abrasive products.