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Resin Wheels

Resin Wheels: Cut-Off & Reinforced Cut-Off

Resin Wheels

GRIER offers resin wheels in both reinforced and non-reinforced and can be made in diameters up to 12” with max thickness of 2”. A wide variety of standard formulas are available, and custom grades are welcome.

A sub-set of our resin wheels is the “cut- off wheel” category. Cut-off wheels are all reinforced and start at a diameter of 1-1/4” with thicknesses as small as 1/32”. GRIER offers 4 levels of performance to be matched to the specific application.



  • Foundry-Gate/Riser Removal
  • General Tool Room
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Any Portable Grinder
  • Pipe Cutting
Wheel Type Cut Life Materials Cost
A/O = Aluminum Oxide Faster Long General Purpose Low
LAZER = Aluminum Oxide & Ceramic Fastest Long General Purpose Medium
ZIRC = Aluminum Oxide & Zirconia Fast Longest General Alloys & Stainless Medium
ZIRC+ = Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia & Ceramic Fastest Longer Exotic Alloys & Harder Metals High