Grier-Flex-Systems (GFS)

When you need to go inside a work-piece or work around corners, GRIER helps you do that with the GFS . No more hard-to-reach places!

GFS: Standard


  • Smaller Mounted Points
  • Smaller Carbide Burs (3/16” dia.)
  • Smaller head size for smaller areas
  • Use for general applications

GFS: Heavy Duty


  • BIGGER Carbide Burs (3/8” dia.)
  • BIGGER Mounted Points
  • BIGGER internal components
  • Use for more robust finishing and bigger defects

The GRIER-FLEX-SYSTEM (GFS) attaches to a variety of different gr inders thanks to its patent pending design. This one-handed solution to many di fficult situations allows you to finish the impossible casting or work-piece a nd reduce scrap. You just bend the outer sheath with a tubing bender to match your contour and choose your mounted point or carbi de bur.


  • Ease of changing mounted point s (simple threaded design)
  • Protective sheath remains cool via use of bearings and tubing liner
  • Protective sheath is thick walled and rugged for industrial use
  • The inner flexible shaft has a high torque capacity

CAUTION: This solution requires work in a guarded, enclosed space. Use conventional mounted points wherever possible as your first choice.