"Go Blue" Program

Go Blue Program

GRIER Abrasive offers one of the most extensive product lines of SEGMENTS with over one hundred standard shapes and numerous other “special” shapes. All of these shapes and sizes are available in a variety of grains and grits.

The most valuable of the grain choices is Ceramic Grain. The unique properties of Ceramic Grain give SEGMENTS longer life, require less dressing and provide faster material removal than naturally occurring grains. Ceramic SEGMENTS will reduce the # of setups, reduce machine down-time and reduce freight costs. GRIER Abrasive is confident that Ceramic Grain will improve most applications. To prove it, GRIER Abrasive offers the GO BLUE! Program.



Along with your regular order of SEGMENTS, GRIER Abrasive will make one set of custom trials that have one inch (1”) of ceramic grain blend on the bottom of the segment. GRIER asks that you trial this one inch of ceramic and compare it to one inch of your regular order specification. GRIER has custom test reports that will help weigh the performance ratio versus the cost ratio to see if Ceramic Grain SEGMENTS are right for you.

Ask your representative for the custom test report and your trial order in GO BLUE!