Grier-Tex (Cotton Fiber)

GRIER-TEX is a cotton fiber abrasive. It is the result of laminating non-woven cotton fiber with various grains and bonds to achieve varying characteristics. GRIER-TEX works well on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, but works extremely well on stainless steel. GRIER-TEX runs quiet, smooth and cool with virtually no loading. The non-loading aspect is ideal for working with softer metals, such as aluminum.





Aluminum Oxide 24-Coarse F-Softest GX-Latex
Silicon Carbide 36 G  
  54-Medium J-Medium  
  80 K-Medium/Hard ZX-Resin
  120-Fine M-Hard  
  180 N-Extra Hard  
   320-Ultra Fine    

Available Specifications & Applications

FGX Blending, Polishing & Finishing (standard soft grade)
GGX Light Deburring & Finishing
JZX Light Deburring (standard medium grade)
KZX Light Deburring (standard medium/hard grade)
MZX Light Stock Removal & Deburring (standard hard grade)
NZX Deburring & Medium Stock Removal

Available Shapes

A1 * A22 * B41 W144 W176 W197 * W219 *
A2 * A23 * B42 W145 W177 W201 W220 *
A3 * A24 * B51 W152 W178 W202 W221 *
A4 * A25 * B52 W153 W179 * W203 W222 *
A5 * A26 * B61 W154 W183 W204 W226 *
A6 * A34 * B62 W160 W184 W205 * W228 *
A11 * A35 * B91 W161 W185 W206 * W230 *
A12 * A36 * B104 W162 W186 W207 * W232 *
A13 * A37 * B111 W163 W187 W208 * W235 *
A14 * A40 * B112 W164 W188 * W215 W236 *
A15 *   B121 W170 W189 * W216 W237 *
A21 *   B122 W174 W195 W217 * W238 *
    B123 W175 W196 * W218 * W242 *

Standard mandrels are 1/8 x 1-1/2” unless marked by*. Mandrels are 1/4 x 1-1/2”

All shapes available in any specification: FGX, GGX, HGX, JZX, MZX & NZX. Other shapes, mandrels and threaded mandrels are also available

Several kits are also available. Ask your representative for more details.