Boat Stones

Used primarily on large die seams and breaking down sharp edges on machine parts. These stones are made to be held easily and are available in aluminum oxide or either silicon carbide (black or green).

  Part # Grain Type Grit Color Porosity
Boat Stone - Black ST-9-C-BOAT-28178 S/C 46 Black  
Boat Stone - Green ST-9-GC-BOAT-26875 S/C 46 Green  
Boat Stone - Pink ST-9-P-BOAT-34459 A/O 60 Pink  
Boat Stone - White ST-9-W-BOAT-32355 A/O 60 White Porous
Boat Stone - Pink ST-9-P-BOAT-34461 A/O 80 Pink Porous
Boat Stone - White ST-9-W-BOAT-32364 A/O 80 White  
Boat Stone - Blue ST-9-WB-34342 A/O 100 Blue  
Boat Stone - Pink ST-9-P-BOAT-34202 A/O 120 Pink